About Bill Richardson – The Acrostic Guy!


As an international management consultant and trainer, I focus on helping people and organizations function at peak performance through the application of three core principles about learning:

1. It needs to be a process not an event

2.  It needs to be focused on building capability (mindset, skill set, tool set) not just skill

3.  It needs to be focused on delivering measurable value.

My Promise:

You can count on me to candidly share my detailed knowledge, global perspective, & objective insights with no strings attached and to consistently grow and upgrade my professional capabilities.

My Focus:

  • Learning on Purpose is my centerpiece framework for helping individuals, teams, and organizations transform learning into measurable value.
  • Leading Change that Works is my leadership/management framework for helping teams and organizations use change effectiveness as a point of differentiation.
  • Power of Promise is my coaching/mentoring framework that helps individuals and teams center on their unique promise of value delivery as opposed to only their job performance.
  • Thinking on Purpose is my critical thinking framework for individuals & teams to leverage their most powerful tool – the human brain.

My Services:

Consulting, training, coaching, mentoring and keynote speaking delivered in a face-to-face or virtual environment.

My Philosophy:

Collaborative capital is becoming just as important as intellectual and financial capital. Invest in soft skills because they have a hard impact. Remember all you can be is the best version of yourself.


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